Fast acting liquid caps with pure THC distillate work very well for dose and effect discovery. Start with 1 capsule of the desired THC capsules and move up from there if needed. 25 capsules per bottle.

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Pure THC capsules available in 10mg or 50mg doses.

THC Capsules are typically preferred by people who suffer from respiratory problems and those who want to protect their health from the harms of smoking. If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses, you should never smoke your medical cannabis because it could make your symptoms worse.


Gels have a steadier dosage. It is difficult to be certain how much THC and CBD you get from bud to bud, whereas with gels you will always receive a steady and predictable result.

Gels don’t smell.

Not everybody needs the smell of smoke-cured cannabis in their home or on their person.

the most reason why cannabis oil gels are thus standard is that the several health edges offered by the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol:

THC is the most wanted substance in cannabis because it is the main mind-altering agent. THC causes the brain to unleash Dopastat that causes a state of euphoria, relaxation, and a high. it’s terribly effective for pain relief. There are potential aspect effects to taking THC on its own so continually educate yourself before selecting to medicate with willnabis. tetrahydrocannabinol on its own can generally cause psychosis as a aspect effect.

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