Payment & Guarantee

At 420 Kush Store , we do not support returns. Please choose your strains carefully.

We take pride in selling products that have lots of shelf life left on them and have been handled with the upmost care and attention.

Since we would never resell a returned produc, we do not accept them returned.

But.. we do offer our valued customers certain guarantees to ensure your satisfaction.

100%  Guarantee

100%  Guarantee


We never substitute your order with one for another.
In the cannabis industry, this is common practice and we choose not follow it. Whenever you order from us, we have sold you products that to the best of our knowledge are what you ordered . Mistakes do happen once in a while, but they are easy to catch because we cultivate our own seeds to ensure authenticity. Please let us know if you believe your products are not authentic and we will deal with it on a case by case basis.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Please let us know your concerns.


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