Lemon Kush Strain Review

Lemon Kush

Known to possess a mysterious past, Lemon Kush could have originated from a Kush paired with a lemon strain. It may even be a cross between an Afghan and South yank matched with Lemon G or Master Kush.

Lemon Kush could be a tasty kush variant with a powerful streak of sativa in its genealogy.  If you’re a disciple of Indica, the before-bed-bowl, and serious higher eyelids you may be pleasantly shocked by the style profile of this slightly sativa hybrid.

The “Kush” parent of this strain is what provides the heavy body high. The tart/sour parent is what provides this strain its smell and style profile. If you’re somebody who orders fruit drink whenever it’s accessible at a restaurant, or enjoys bitter candies instead of sweet ones – do this strain. This bud could be a good lazy summer afternoon strain, thus don’t anticipate to possess a large rush of energy and creativeness simply because the lemony sativa facet of this bud. At a similar time, that lemony and sativa aspect is why you don’t wish to smoke this before bed – just because half the name is “kush” doesn’t mean this is your new holistic sleep-aid.

It’s for these reasons that this strain is such AN awning hybrid. You get the style and smell of the sativa – and, at a similar time, you get the serious higher algebra high of the Kush parent. i feel the largest issue to require removed from a profile on a strain like this is often its ideal time to use it. this is often a “wake and bake” start-your-day sativa. This isn’t an finish your night, time-to-pass-out indica either. This is a awfully balance hybrid; an excellent afternoon variant.

One famous selection was developed by Alien Genetics that used Lemon G and Afghan Kush. There are different resembling one that was bred mistreatment Master Kush and Lemon Joy.

This surprise cannabis strain is best identified for its restful and sweet high. albeit it’s different genetics, users still like this smoke.

Lemon Kush is legendary for being a multi-combo hybrid because of its sophisticated and controversial heritage. It provides the cannabis user a mellow nonetheless pleasurable high.

If the smoker needs to possess a slow relaxing afternoon, then Lemon Kush is a superb choice.

To place it in easier terms, Lemon Kush was created to assist one relax. As its name suggests, this strain produces a wild lemon and citrus aroma because of its being made in D-Limonene. This compound, besides being answerable for its style and scent, additionally provides several medical benefits.

Odor and Flavors                                                                    

By taking a sniff, Lemon Kush leaves an enduring impressionwith its sweet and aromatic bud.

Having an earthy, spicy and soothing aroma is that the signature Lemon Kush fragrance. In some ways, it sets the tone for its energizing and life-giving effects that are to come.

Same with its fragrance, Lemon Kush additionally comes with pleasing flavors. other than its delicious sweetness, it’s a heavenly citrus after sensation that’s not forgotten right away.


Lemon Kush can deliver a strong kick. That’s why amateurs ought to take it straightforward till they get wont to its efficiency and might higher handle its intense effects. Like coffee, it provides users an rise and energizing feeling. It also helps in mind and body relaxation at the same time as it delivers AN energizing buzz.

Often, users feel an amazing sense of feeling uplifted. Not solely will it end in happiness, however most additionally tend to tilt towards elation. particularly within the company of different people, expect bouts of laughing and plenty of laughter.

An awfully potent, feel-good marijuana, Lemon Kush will undoubtedly create users feel all heat and fuzzy everywhere once the high kicks in.

Adverse Reactions

In contrast to most strains, Lemon Kush’s facet effects are very minimal. And these uncommon reactions are largely due to its high efficiency furthermore as users probably mistreatment too much. Of course, these conditions aren’t restricted to at least one explicit strain however is natural with the utilization of cannabis. For instance, xerotes and eyes are nothing new, and every one users simply get wont to it.

However, there also are different attainable reactions resembling having a headache. In some rare instance there are also many those that feel paranoid.

Medical Use and edges

Lemon Kush has many medical benefits. one amongst them is essentially because of psychoactive traits during which it induces a cerebral euphoria. It ends up in stress merely being drained of existence, a minimum of for ensuing few hours. it’s mood-enhancing properties to assist people littered with depression or anxiety.

Complemented by its Indica traits, Lemon Kush additionally helps soothe aching muscles to deliver complete body relaxation. many folks have also found it to be effective in reducing pains caused by varied chronic illnesses.

Cancer patients undergoing chemical and radiation treatments tend to lose appetence. Mistreatment this strain helps in transferral back appetite and restores the patient’s intake habits.

Growing Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush, with lovely light-weight inexperienced nugget-like buds, holds a decent and dense structure that’s additional common with Indica plants. Compared to others, its buds are a touch bit smaller in size; however it comes with a thick coating of trichomes.

This explicit strain is straightforward to grow even for beginners. Amateur, cannabis smokers can notice it a superb introduction to marijuana cultivation.

Indoors, it’s attainable to let it grow old to six feet tall. Not heaps of home growers would have such a giant space. Instead, they’ll high it early to stay it short. Organic soil is an exceptional option to retain its made flavors and nutrients resembling alimentation B, humid substance and enzymes facilitate the plant reach its best growth. Of course, there’s additionally the selection of mistreatment hydroponics. At any rate, its flowering amount is in nine to ten weeks. Underneath 600 watts of grow light, it yields around five hundred grams per sq. meter.

Lemon Kush likes to grow outdoors particularly in dry and heat weather. Daylight and recent air are the ingredients in having a fruitful harvest. Between Gregorian calendar months to October, expect this strain to flower and turn out up to an impressive 1,000 grams of tart bud per plant.

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